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Lawrence Ng has been a student of Yoon Sen Lee since the age of five and has won over 50 first place prizes within local and international competitions. Lawrence spent most of his childhood performing in concerts in different cities, most notably the Government house in Perth several times, Elder Hall in Adelaide, Carnegie Hall in New York and orchestras in Brisbane. Some of these performances are still on YouTube.

Lawrence received his Associate Diploma A.Mus.A and ABRSM at the age of ten, then his Licentiate diplomas L.Mus.A and LBRSM at the age of twelve. He was offered music scholarships from prestigious high schools across Perth, inclusive of Hale School, Wesley College and Christ Church Grammar School but chose All Saints College.

His teaching career began under Yoon Sen Lee’s tutelage and mentorship, where Lawrence taught at the Yoon Sen Lee music school for four years, whilst simultaneously studying a Bachelor of Music at the University of Western Australia, specialising in Piano Performance.

During his time at University, he performed multiple concerts both in Perth and in Guangzhou, China. It was during this time, Lawrence’s teaching career excelled and his students became winners of various local, international competitions and scholarship winners of multiple private schools.

Now, Lawrence is excited to work with top musicians to teach and grow Muso Music Academy all across Perth.

Isabelle Ng began learning piano with Yoon Sen Lee at the age of 6 (2005) and in 1.5 years, got A+ in her grade 6 exam (2007). By 10 years old, she completed her Grade 8 Exam (2009) and then went onto completing her Associate Diploma A.Mus.A and ABRSM exams at 13 years old (2011). She also completed her Grade 5 Theory Exam in the same year.

During her time learning piano, Isabelle has won various prizes in local competitions such as Fremantle Eisteddfod, North of Perth Music Festival and Western Australia Pianist Competition and enjoyed performing for local community and volunteering events.

Isabelle was also a music scholarship holder at Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC) from 2010 to 2015, and had participated in the school’s Chorale (voice), Symphony Orchestra (piano) and Jazz Band (piano). She also learnt flute as a second instrument and played flute for MLC’s Philhamonic Orchestra and Concert Band. She reached up to Grade 5 within three years but then stopped to focus on her academics.

At the end of 2019, Isabelle began teaching piano at Yoon Sen Lee Music School and in one year, taught over 25 students with many excelling 2-3 grades in one year and some winning local competitions such as Western Australian Pianist Competition.

Outside of music, Isabelle completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Psychology in 2020 and is passionate about entrepreneurship and business. With Yoon Sen’s mentorship and guidance, Isabelle then went on to co-found Muso Music Academy in 2021 and is excited to help all children, as long as they have the willingness to learn, reach their music potential.

Andy started learning piano at the age of 6 under the tutelage of his mother, who was one of the highly esteemed and recognised piano teachers in her city, Beihai, in China. The piano lessons with his mother were strict and of high standards, and soon Andy became one of her top students.

Andy moved to Perth, Australia in 2011 and applied for GAT program to study at John Curtin College of the Arts and was accepted straight away for the excellency he displayed in the interview. He then became a highly active student, participating in multiple ensembles and was one of the first students to do a solo performance at his school’s music ensemble events at the request of the Head of Music. In Year 11 he received a Diploma for AMEB Associate.

Now studying a music degree at UWA, Andy maintained his active status and was prolific in his participations in university events and piano competitions held there. He now studies under professor Graeme Gilling, Head of Keyboards at UWA, but also the chairman of AMEB. Under Graeme’s guidance, Andy’s playing reached new heights as he won the Waveney Wansborough competition in two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020, and Flora Bunnings Chamber Music Prize in 2020. Graeme Gilling was highly pleased with Andy’s performances both in competitions and performance exams which he received HD for all of them.

Mia Thomas’s musical journey started in 2008 at the age of four. She began learning the

violin with the Suzuki method under the tutelage of Jasmine Trebse, and over a period of 16

years, has dedicated herself to learning the art of music.


From age nine to present, Mia has performed at many different events from weddings,

school functions, to orchestral performances at the Perth Concert Hall. In 2021 she won the

Chapman scholarship and was awarded for being the player with most “outstanding

potential” for the Catholic Performing Arts.

Mia entered the orchestral scene in 2018 where she first joined WAYO. Before then, she

performed at weddings with the MASM quartet, in her school musical theatre productions,

her school string ensemble, and at many different concerts at Suzuki.


From 2020 to 2021, Mia had the honour of leading the second violins at WAYO. In those

years, she had the opportunity to collaborate with the Western Australian Symphony

Orchestra, play in the Nightingale opera at His Majesty’s Theatre, and play at many Proms 

and Christmas concerts; just to name a few.


In 2022, she started her journey at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts,

studying in the Bachelor of Classical Performance course. So far she has enjoyed interacting

with students from various different courses like Musical Theatre and Jazz, and she is

grateful that she is turning what once was a hobby, into a career.

In 2023, she is a casual member of the Perth Symphony Orchestra and is under the tutelege of

Semra Lee who co-directs WAAPA’s string department.

In late 2023, she signed to be a concert violinist and violin educator at Muso Music Academy.

Dorin is a pianist from Medan, Indonesia. She holds a Bachelor of Classical Music from the Institute of Music, UCSI University, Malaysia. She was a scholarship recipient and graduated with First Class Honors in 2022.

Dorin started her music education at the Yamaha Music School Indonesia at the age of 4. She quickly shows passion and potential in playing the piano. Dorin also studied under the tutelage of Ms. Rosemery Halim since 2014. She obtained her ABRSM Grade 8 piano and theory exams with Distinction. She consistently performed in the ABRSM High Scorers’ Concert for 3 years. In 2017, she holds the highest ABRSM piano exam record in Indonesia.

She also received many recognitions and awards as she has won many local and international piano competitions. In 2019, she won first prize in the Golden Classical Music Awards International Competition and was invited to perform in the prestigious Carnegie Hall, New York, USA. Other outstanding achievements include winning prizes in the Hong Kong International Music Festival, Essex Indonesia Piano Competitions, Veranza Piano Competitions, etc.

During her time at the University, she was an active performer, both as soloist and accompanist. She was also a teaching assistant for Music History and Music Theory courses, where she mentored diploma and degree students. Upon realizing her passion in teaching, Dorin started her teaching career as a freelance/private piano teacher. Now, she is excited to work with passionate students in Muso Music Academy to achieve foremost results. She signed with Muso Music Academy as a concert pianist an educator in 2023.

Sherene Nee is a flautist from Hong Kong. She started her music journey with piano at the age 3 and switched to flute at the age of 10.

Sherene moved to Australia in 2017 and is currently studying for a Bachelor of Music at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), majoring in Classical Flute under the tutelage of Michael Howell.

Sherene had taken part in WAAPA Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Wind Ensemble, recent performances include WAAPA’s musical theatre production A Chorus Line and Spooktecular! (WAAPA Symphonic Wind Ensemble).

Outside of university, Sherene is an active member of various ensembles, formerly with WAYO Flute Choir and Perth Concert Band, and currently with The Vivo Duo and Stasis Flute Quartet which she co-founded in 2018.

Sherene also started specialising in bass flute since 2019, she aims to apply her experience into classical performances. She started by playing the bass flute in Stasis Flute Quartet, then exploring solo repertoires. The bass flute is a young instrument, and with limited choice of repertoires, she started to transcribe music for the bass flute.

Pinn is a violinist from Perth, Australia who completed her Bachelor of Music in the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2021.

Pinn graduated from John Curtin College of the Arts in 2017 and has taught violin with multiple schools including Santa Maria College and Swan Christian College. Her notable awards include Royal Overseas League Scholar-Entrance Scholarship, John Curtin Year 12 Course Award for Western Art Music ATAR, John Curtin Performance Excellence Award, Edith Cowen University Year 12 Scholarship Award, ranked 1st in Music all through years 8-12 at JCCA and Concertmaster at JCCA Symphony Orchestra 2016-2017.

She has also notable achievements as a composer. Her Composition “Fantasia and Appassionata” was premiered by Paul Wright and Stewart Smith in the Chamber Music Spectacular 2021 concert.

Her composition “The Rose Awaiting” was premiered by the WAAPA String Camerata at the Mendelssohn’s String Octet concert alongside her String Quartet Arrangements for Amare Strings (Tiny Dancer, Can’t Help Falling in Love, FlyMe to the Moon, Wake Me Up!, Love On Top)

She is also an active STEAAWA Suzuki Violin Teacher Trainee (ongoing), part of the WAAPA Symphony Orchestra and part of the WAYO Philharmonic orchestra from 2014-2015.

Joefel Caitlin Canta is a pianist from the Philippines. She earned her Diploma in Music Education at the University of the Philippines (UP), which is widely regarded as the Philippines’ top university. She then continued her education at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) with a Graduate Diploma of Classical Piano Performance under the tutelage of Anna Sleptsova in 2017.

She also learnt the harp for 4 years during her studies in UP and simultaneously taking private lessons for violin and organ.

Caitlin had many years of teaching experience in piano and violin, extensively in the Philippines, Australia, and Singapore. Facilitating various music camps for young talents and preparing students for ABRSM examination both in practical and theory.

She is very passionate about classical music and has performed in different auditoriums and halls over the years in both Perth and the Phillipines. She is now excited to mentor children in Perth to reach their potential in piano performance. 

In 2023, she signed with Muso Music Academy as a concert pianist and educator.

Vinny Nguyen is a pianist from Perth, Australia. He achieved his WACE at John Curtin College of the Arts through the ATAR Western Art Music course. Currently, Vinny is attending his second year at the Western Australian Academy of performing Arts (WAAPA), where he is studying classical performance for piano.


At age 6 (2010), Vinny began to learn piano at the Forte School of Music. In 2017, he achieved an Honours (A) for AMEB Grade 8 at age 12 under the guidance of Hooi Loo at Kai Arts, and in addition, completed AMEB Grade 5 for Theory of Music. Although in year 12, Vinny’s focus shifted solely to classical piano for his Music ATAR course in hopes of studying music at a university level, he managed to simultaneously complete a Certificate II in Music. He is currently studying at WAAPA under mentorship of sessional lecturer and virtuoso, Tommy Seah.


Vinny also learnt the alto and tenor saxophone for 5 years under the SIMS program while at JCCA. As well as performing in WA Schools’ Junior Concert Band Festival competitions with JCCA’s Wind Orchestra for multiple years, Vinny would also go on to join the school’s Jazz Band in year 10 (2019) due to a growing passion for jazz piano which, in turn, has greatly improved his ensemble skills. He also frequently participated in the South Suburban Fremantle Eisteddfod and throughout the years, has won several times.


Vinny has previously taught piano for 2 years at Kai Arts & Music and was selected to be a workshop leader for their 2020 and 2021 Summer Holiday Camp. He now teaches at Muso Music Academy and is excited to have a hand in musically shaping bright young minds. 

Samuel started learning the piano at the age of 5 (2009), after discovering that he had perfect pitch. Later on, he also picked up the violin at the age of 7 (2011).
After Samuel moved to Perth, Australia in 2012, he continued with the piano. From 2014, he has competed in many piano competitions, including the Fremantle Eisteddfod, North of Perth Music Festival, South Suburban Eisteddfod, etc. He then completed his AMEB Grade 8 and AmusA for piano in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Having studied at Perth Modern, he has been actively playing and performing violin in multiple ensembles throughout his years in high school.
In 2021, after accelerating and achieving excellent results in his ATAR for Western Art Music, Samuel decided to pick up the violin again and achieved his Grade 8 for violin in 2022. He has also been teaching piano privately since 2020 at the age of 15. 
Samuel is currently studying a specialist piano music degree at UWA under professor Graeme Gilling, Head of Keyboards at UWA, but also the chairman of AMEB. Samuel is most excited about teaching eager young students the fascinating world of music.

Barbara Perzynska is a pianist born in Leszno, Poland. She began her musical education at the age of 6, and quickly discovered a passion for piano. After graduating with honours Bachelor of Arts from The Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznan, Poland, in 2020, Barbara continued her education and earned her Master of Arts in 2022 at The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland. After completing her Master Studies, Barbara worked as a piano accompanist at The Music University in Naples, Italy.

During her studies, she was twice awarded a study abroad scholarship to The University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria, which is widely considered one of the best and most prestigious music universities in the world. Barbara spent there three semesters honing her skills and broadening her knowledge of music under the tutelage of renowned pianist Prof. Tim Ovens.

She has garnered several awards and recognitions for her exceptional skills, including first prize and grand prix at the VIIIth Edition International Piano Competition in Nice, France, first prize and special prize “Excellent Musicality” at the Global Genius Music Competition, third prize at the International Piano Competition “Music Alive”, and a special prize and the “Most Distinguished Musician” title at the Ibla Grand Prize in Sicily, Italy.

She has also participated in numerous masterclasses with notable musicians, such as Wojciech Switala, Andrzej Jasinski, Ivan Drenikov, Rem Urasin and Maria Zabaleta.

Barbara has over 6 years of experience teaching piano students in English, German and Polish. She is a dedicated and driven musician who is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills with others. Her strong communication skills and passion for teaching make her an asset to any student looking to improve their piano skills.

In 2023, she signed with Muso Music Academy as a concert pianist and educator.

Li-Jene Gan is from the University of Western Australia (UWA), piano performance major. Under the tutelage of Graeme Gilling, head of Keyboards in UWA; she has performed in concerts numerous times.

Li-Jene started playing piano since she was 6 and began her studies in Yamaha Music School in Malaysia. She has consistently gotten Distinctions in exams under ABRSM curriculum, before she moved to Australia in 2016. Li-Jene has since achieved AMEB Grade 8, and has completed her Certificate of Performance with Distinction.

Besides piano, Li-Jene also picked up drum kit at the age of 14 in Malaysia. After moving to Australia she continued to pick up other percussion instruments such as marimba, timpani, xylophone etc which allowed her to be a percussionist in Symphony Orchestra and Wind Band all throughout Highschool in Shenton College from Year 10-12. She also was able to diversify her piano performing experience by taking on the role of pianist in Jazz Band in Highschool. These roles have enhanced her ensemble performing experience. Li-Jene has also participated in composing workshop which included working with a local band in Year 11. She has also maintained her position as the highest scoring student in Music ATAR for both Year 11 and 12. In UWA, Li-Jene has actively participated in ensembles such as the percussion ensemble, chamber group and symphonic chorus.

Outside of music, Li-Jene has also taken up leadership roles throughout school such as head of class, student councillor and president of ROTEX (Rotary Youth Exchange Alumni). Through these experiences, Li-Jene has learned valuable communication and management skills which have helped tremendously in creating a positive learning space that promotes growth in students.

Kym is a pianist from Ireland. She graduated with distinction from both her Masters of Arts degree in Piano Performance and Bachelor of Music degree, both awarded by the Munster Technological University Cork School of Music in Ireland, and also holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Limerick Mary Immaculate CollegeAfter completing her Master studies under the tutelage of Mary Beattie, Kym took private lessons in Salzburg, Austria with Rolf Plagge of the Mozarteum Salzburg University and Serbian pianist Minka Popodovic.

Kym has been a prize winner at competitions in both solo and chamber categories and was selected by the University Concert Hall Limerick as one of Ireland’s emerging classical musicians in 2022. She has been invited to perform at national music festivals in Ireland such as the West Cork Chamber Music Festival 2022 and has taken masterclasses with international concert pianists Barry Douglas and Anna Federova. 

Kym has almost a decade of experience in teaching the piano between working at two private music academies in Ireland, Centre Stage School of Performing Arts and Kinsale Music Academy, and at her own private music academy, “Music through English Salzburg”, which she established in Salzburg, Austria in 2022. 

In 2023, she signed with Muso Music Academy as a concert pianist and educator.

David is a pianist from Ireland. He studied both his Bachelor of Music and Masters of Arts in Music degrees at the Munster Technological University Cork School of Music in Ireland under the tutelage of Dr. Gabriela Mayer (Head of Keyboard Studies). During his studies he also took a special interest in historical improvisation, both on the piano and the organ. Once he completed his Masters studies, David moved to Salzburg, Austria to further his musical education. Salzburg is widely considered one of the most prestigious centres for classical music in the world. While in Salzburg, David took private lessons with both Serbian pianist Minka Popovic and organ virtuoso Gordon Safari.

David has won first prize at competitions in both solo and chamber music categories and was selected by the National Concert Hall Dublin to perform in a masterclass with international concert pianist Barry Douglas in 2021. He has been invited to perform at national music festivals in Ireland such as the West Cork Chamber Music Festival 2022 and has taken masterclasses with international concert pianists such as Finghin Collins, Alasdair Beatson, and Michael MacHale. 

David’s teaching career began when he started teaching piano at the Summer Music on the Shannon Classical music festival in 2015 while working as resident pianist for the festival, and since has many years experience as a piano teacher including at Sonatina Music Academy in Ireland and as a free-lance piano teacher in Austria. 

In 2023, he signed with Muso Music Academy as a concert pianist and educator.

Kiki began her piano studies at the age of 8 under Yoon Sen Lee’s Music School in Perth, Western Australia. She has since achieved her AMEB Grade 8 and completed studies in ATAR Western Art Music as part of her WACE. 

Kiki is currently studying a Bachelor of Music at the University of Western Australia (UWA) under Graeme Gilling, Head of Keyboards. She picked up the flute and violin throughout her primary and secondary years of schooling and has participated in multiple solos, collaborative performances and musical ensembles, such as the school’s Concert Band and String Orchestra. She also earned a solo pianist feature at the Anglican School’s Commission Gala Concert for in her final year of study. Outside of her education, Kiki has competed and won prizes in various local competitions, such as the Fremantle Eisteddfod and Western Australia Piano Competition (WAPC) and enjoys performing at university and community events. 

Kiki began teaching privately in 2023 and cannot wait to expand her experience in piano teaching. She is thrilled to be working with the students of Muso Academy and hopes to carry her passion of musical performance to her students. In 2024, she signed with Muso Music Academy as a concert pianist an educator.

From Malaysia, Jun Yang moved to perth and started playing piano at the age of 5 under the tutelage of Joan Taylor. He subsequently moved to the guidance of Professor Graeme Gilling, head of Keyboards at UWA and also the chairman of AMEB, and achieved his AMEB AmusA for piano in 2021 under his tutelage.

Jun Yang has competed and placed in many piano competitions, including 1st place at the Western Australian Music Teachers Association Recital & Concerto competition.

Jun Yang completed his studies in ATAR Western Art Music at Christ Church Grammar School, where he frequently performed in school concerts, and was awarded the Alexander Bates Memorial Prize of Excellent Musicianship. While at Christ Church, he gained experience not only as a classical pianist, but also as a jazz pianist by being part of the school’s jazz band.

Whenever he is back in Malaysia, he is asked to help teach his childhood piano teacher’s students and also accompany students of UCSI University.

Jun Yang is also an aspiring composer, where he has written music for several short films which have gone on to win awards at festivals such as the WA Made Film Festival.

After completing a year at WAAPA, Jun Yang is currently studying a Bachelor of Music in Composition at the University of Western Australia, with permission from Professor Graeme Gilling to study a minor in piano performance as well.

He signed to Muso Music Academy in 2024 as a concert pianist and educator.

Lili began learning the piano at the age of eight and has consistently achieved high results in
AMEB exams, completing her Grade 8 with distinction. She also studied violin throughout
her primary studies.

Lili is currently studying a specialist piano music degree at the University of Western
Australia under the tutelage of Professor Graeme Gilling, Head of Keyboards. During her
studies at university, she has performed in numerous solo, chamber, and accompaniment
concerts. Lili won the Oracle’s Prize in Pianoforte Performance, awarded to the top three
students in pianoforte performance, who demonstrated outstanding performances
throughout their first year of studies. Lili has also competed in various competitions,
including the Western Australian Music Teachers; Association (WAMTA) competitions and
the Waveney Wansborough Prize competition.

Lili has experience teaching privately, as well as at Mega Music Academy. She began
teaching privately in 2022, sharing her expertise and passion for music with her students.
She is a hardworking and dedicated musician, consistently striving for excellence in both
performance and teaching.

In 2024, she signed with Muso Music Academy as a concert pianist an educator.