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Job Openings

General Information

Muso Music Academy offers Classical musicians an opportunity to pursue a full time career of performing and teaching. The academy focuses on high league piano teaching and has a strict interview process that only picks students and parents who are serious about music education. Our students compete and perform in multiple competitions/concerts annually, generally performing at top standards with students winning music scholarships in private schools and winning many awards in competitions across Perth, Australia. Our teaching method evolves around making lessons fun but at high standards for all students. Muso’s goal is to inspire children and their parents to love Classical music while embracing a music culture, therefore we expect our educators to have charismatic personalities and love teaching children.

Open Positions (Considering applications for 2023-2024 ~ 10 spots available)

We are looking for music educators who are specialising in piano teaching. Those who join our team are also expected to perform in our concert series (your choice of either collaborative or solo).

Essential requirements

  1. Those who apply to join our team need to be Classical musicians who are looking to pursue a music career in teaching and performing.
  2. Must be able to perform at diploma level
  3. Must be studying/or about to study/or already finished a music degree at university (preferably specialising in performance)
  4. Must have experience in performing (concerts or competitions)
  5. Must participate in our Internship/training program which lasts 1 year (for international applicants) and 1-2 years for university musicians (based on performance) before becoming a full timer

Non-essential requirements (Achievements that will make you stand out on your CV)

  1. Work experience at a music school (or any experience with freelancing teaching)
  2. Diploma certificates or any examination certificates that indicates high performance levels
  3. About to OR already completed a masters degree in music
  4. Competition achievements (should be listed)
  5. Participation in concerts (should be listed)
  6. Involvement with charity or non-for-profit work (should be listed)
  7. Involvement with orchestras or music programs

Our Graduate Program

Our graduate program is designed to train you into becoming a top music educator. Muso Music Academy has a specific way of teaching to ensure success for every student. However, we leave room for creativity and individuality for each teacher. You will NOT be eligible for a full time job at Muso unless you have completed the Graduate Program.

  1. A 1 year training program (1-2 years for university applicants) where you will do part time teaching where your hours will gradually increase over time
  2. Generally, our Perth based piano teachers are simultaneously studying at university while teaching at Muso and will be given full time positions as soon as they graduate. Our program is also open to individuals who’ve completed their degrees.
  3. You will have a mentor throughout the duration of your graduate program.
  4. Once successfully completed, you will be offered a full time contractor job with a starting pay of 80k aud (semi-full time) or $105600 aud (full time)

Our benefits

  1. Flexible working hours
  2. Guaranteed hours with top quality students
  3. Provided teaching studios with grand pianos
  4. A professional and friendly working environment where peers are expected to support each other
  5. Enjoyable bonding sessions with a team of passionate and talented musicians
  6. Concert performance opportunities
  7. Clear guidance and mentorship on teaching at a high level





Isabelle Ng began learning piano with Yoon Sen Lee at the age of 6 (2005) and in 1.5 years, got A+ in her grade 6 exam (2007). By 10 years old, she completed her Grade 8 Exam (2009) and then went onto completing her Associate Diploma A.Mus.A and ABRSM exams at 13 years old (2011). She also completed her Grade 5 Theory Exam in the same year.

During her time learning piano, Isabelle has won various prizes in local competitions such as Fremantle Eisteddfod, North of Perth Music Festival and Western Australia Pianist Competition and enjoyed performing for local community and volunteering events.

Isabelle was also a music scholarship holder at Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC) from 2010 to 2015, and had participated in the school’s Chorale (voice), Symphony Orchestra (piano) and Jazz Band (piano). She also learnt flute as a second instrument and played flute for MLC’s Philhamonic Orchestra and Concert Band. She reached up to Grade 5 within three years but then stopped to focus on her academics.

At the end of 2019, Isabelle began teaching piano at Yoon Sen Lee Music School and in one year, taught over 25 students with many excelling 2-3 grades in one year and some winning local competitions such as Western Australian Pianist Competition.

Outside of music, Isabelle completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Psychology in 2020 and is passionate about entrepreneurship and business. With Yoon Sen’s mentorship and guidance, Isabelle then went on to co-found Muso Music Academy in 2021 and is excited to help all children, as long as they have the willingness to learn, reach their music potential.