Muso Music Academy

AMEB exam results

Congratulations to all students who took on the challenge to complete an AMEB exam! We are proud to present to you all our students who took part and scored distinctions.

2021 Results

Grade 5

  • Amy Deng (Lawrence’s student): A+, High Distinction
  • Jasper Wu (Isabelle’s student): A, Honours
  • Lucas Feng (Isabelle’s student): A, Honours
  • Jie Ni (Lawrence’s student): A, Honours

2021, Grade 7 

  • Olivia Mak (Lawrence’s student): A, Honours
  • Hansen Qin (Lawrence’s student): A, Honours
  • Edward Li (Lawrence’s student): A+, High Distinction 
Grade 8
  • Grace Zhu (Lawrence’s student): A, Honours
  • Owen Huang (Lawrence’s student): A, Honours

2022 Results

Grade 4 and below grades

  • Flute – Jocelyn Wu (Sherene’s student): A+, High Distinction (Grade 1)

Grade 5

  • Jasmine Kwan (Isabelle’s student): A, Honours
  • Shania Zhang (Lawrence’s student): A, Honours
  • Georgina Zhang (Isabelle’s student): A, Honours
  • Jasper Zhu (Lawrence’s student): A, Honours

Grade 7

  • Christabelle Han (Isabelle’s student): A, Honours

Grade 8

  • Yi An Liu (Lawrence’s student): A+, High Distinction 
  • Aiden Luo (Lawrence’s student): A+, High Distinction 
  • Olivia Mak (Lawrence’s student): A+, High Distinction 
  • Shyann Zhang (Lawrence’s student): A+, High Distinction 
  • Hansen Qin (Lawrence’s student): A, Honours
  • Oskar Wang (Lawrence’s student): A, Honours
  • Jeremy Chang (Lawrence’s student): A, Honours
  • Emily Qiu (Andy’s student): A, Honours

2023 Results

Grade 4 and below grades
  • Flute – Alannah Djojoutomo (Sherene’s student): A+, High Disctinction
  • Flute – Arvin Nair (Sherene’s student): A+, High Distinction (Grade 3)
  • Violin Lee (Li-Jene’s student): A, Honours (Grade 4)
Grade 5
  • Violin – Karin Yorozu (Shannon’s student): A+, High Distinction 
  • Jasper Chan (Sam’s student): A, Honours
Grade 6
  • Violin – Karin Yorozu (Shannon’s student): A+, High Distinction
Grade 7
  • Ana-Marie Lott (Andy’s student): A, Honours
Grade 8
  • Ryan Jiang (Lawrence’s student): A+, High Distinction
  • Ethan Luo (Lawrence’s student): A+, High Distinction
  • Jie Ni (Lawrence’s student); A+, High Distinction
Diploma – Associate
  • Shyann Zhang (Lawrence’s student): PASS

Isabelle Ng began learning piano with Yoon Sen Lee at the age of 6 (2005) and in 1.5 years, got A+ in her grade 6 exam (2007). By 10 years old, she completed her Grade 8 Exam (2009) and then went onto completing her Associate Diploma A.Mus.A and ABRSM exams at 13 years old (2011). She also completed her Grade 5 Theory Exam in the same year.

During her time learning piano, Isabelle has won various prizes in local competitions such as Fremantle Eisteddfod, North of Perth Music Festival and Western Australia Pianist Competition and enjoyed performing for local community and volunteering events.

Isabelle was also a music scholarship holder at Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC) from 2010 to 2015, and had participated in the school’s Chorale (voice), Symphony Orchestra (piano) and Jazz Band (piano). She also learnt flute as a second instrument and played flute for MLC’s Philhamonic Orchestra and Concert Band. She reached up to Grade 5 within three years but then stopped to focus on her academics.

At the end of 2019, Isabelle began teaching piano at Yoon Sen Lee Music School and in one year, taught over 25 students with many excelling 2-3 grades in one year and some winning local competitions such as Western Australian Pianist Competition.

Outside of music, Isabelle completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Psychology in 2020 and is passionate about entrepreneurship and business. With Yoon Sen’s mentorship and guidance, Isabelle then went on to co-found Muso Music Academy in 2021 and is excited to help all children, as long as they have the willingness to learn, reach their music potential.